Body Contouring

1 Body Part (50-min)  $75
2 Body Parts (100-min)  $140
3 Body Parts (150-min)  $200

Choose: Arms, Back, Buttocks, Hips, Love Handles, Stomach, Inner Thighs, Outer Thighs, Hamstrings
We can tailor make areas per your needs, talk to your technician to specify your areas of most concern 

*6 sessions recommended - 12 sessions for better results

2 body parts - Choose 2 areas
3 body parts - Choose 3 areas

*See more info on choosing body parts below

Face, Neck, Chin contouring

Facial Contouring

60-minute session $85
Includes:  Face, Neck & Chin

Face, neck & chin all included in each session
6 sessions recommended - 12 sessions for better results

Body contouring with cavitation

Choosing body parts to contour:

Body part examples:
R Arm & L Arm = 1 body part (arms)
Full Back = 1 body part (back)
Glutes/Buttocks = 1 body part (buttocks)
R Hip & L Hip = 1 body part (hips)
Flanks/Love Handles both R & L = 1 body part (flanks)
Abdominals/Stomach = 1 body part (stomach)
R Inner Thigh & L Inner Thigh = 1 body part (inner thighs)
R Outer Thigh & L Outer Thigh = 1 body part (outer thighs)

Hamstrings/Back of Thigh both R & L = 1 body part (hamstrings)
R Knee & L Knee = 1 body part (knees)

R Calf & L Calf = 1 body part (calves)

*Full thighs (both R & L inner/outer/back of) can be done as one body part but more sessions will probably be needed to achieve better results, as less time will be spent on each specific part

**Chest/Pecs/Breast - we do not do breast lifts

Facial contouring = Face, neck, chin all included in session

Face, Neck, Chin contouring

Red Light Therapy Bed

20-minute session $35
Full body encapsulation, listen to music and relax 

Safe for daily use

Payments accepted

We accept all credit cards, FSA, HSA, and debit cards

Please consider payment with:
Apple Pay, Zelle, Venmo, or Cash

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We do not take walk-ins. Appointment must be prescheduled.  We recommend online booking.  Thank you.

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