Cavitation and RF at Krave in Peoria Arizona - non invasive fat loss


We require this CLIENT INTAKE FORM on your first visit.  Please print & complete prior to appointment -
Or we will have one for you when you arrive

For best results we recommend the following:


*Don't eat for 2 hours prior to session time
*Drink at least 2 bottles of water
*Limit caffeine intake
*No alcoholic beverage consumption
*Avoid fatty foods for 24-hours prior
*Avoid heavy meals
*Avoid sunbathing/tanning beds/laser hair removal


*Drink 4 bottles of water per day for 3 days
*Limit caffeine & alcoholic beverages
*Avoid fatty foods for 3 days
*Do at least 30-min heart raising cardio exercise
*Get a massage or lymphatic drainage session
*Dry brushing or body brushing in shower


Arms: Wear sleeveless shirt or tank top & stay fully clothed
Back: Only remove shirt/bra & you will remain face-down
Buttocks: Wear G-string or Thong underwear
Hips: Wear G-string or Thong underwear
Stomach: Remain fully clothed & expose belly
Thighs: Wear workout shorts & can remain fully clothed
Face/Neck: Come with a clean face free of make-up

Please note

Some Ultrasound Gel may get on your clothing ...
We ask that you remain as fully clothed as possible to help
create an environment where you feel comfortable & safe.   
For areas that need to be exposed, we use towels and sheets for draping areas that are not being worked

Hydrate before and after contouring

Before and After body contouring

Ensuring you drink enough water after having a non-surgical treatment plays a key role in how well and how quickly your body responds to the treatment.  Our treatments work by destroying the fat cells in your body. Once fat cells are destroyed, your body identifies them as waste and removes them through your lymphatic system.

The more water that you drink, the faster your body will respond in flushing waste through your system which will ensure you have quicker and better results.  



Pregnant or breastfeeding?  Exiting cancer?  Malignant tumors?  Pacemaker or device? Cardiovascular disease?  
Heart disease?  Acute or chronic liver or kidney disease?  Joint replacements?  Metal device implants?  Diabetes? Cochlear implants?  Uncontrolled blood pressure?   Blood clots/thrombosis?  Organ transplants?  
Stroke/TIA within last 12 months? 
Major surgery, head trauma, or internal bleeding within last 2 months? 

*For any contraindications, we require a physician note to perform cavitation/radio frequency.


Krave Body Contouring @ 
Krave Therapeutic Massage
13760 N 93rd Ave, Suite 105
Peoria, Arizona  85381


(602) 402-5402  
Text Preferred      
VM, please allow 24 hrs

By Appointment Only

We do not take walk-ins. Appointment must be prescheduled.  We recommend online booking.  Thank you.

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